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grabbdit revolutionises Social News, allowing you to link to quotes in web pages and share them with your friends and followers.

grabbdit gives you a custom URL to the quote as well as caching the original page, preserving the original context and ensuring your quote doesn't disappear if the original page does.

You can add a comment to let your followers know what you think, and share direct to Social Media from grabbdit.

So whether you've read something that makes you feel inspired, amused, or downright angry - grabbdit lets you share it with the world.

grabbing a quote is fast and simple - try it for yourself.

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Embed Grabbs

Article writers can leverage the grabb API to embed grabs when citing other articles either from their own domain or others.

Using a standard embed object with the src attribute set to{sURL} will retrieve the grabb. (Where sURL is the value that appears in the url after "page/.")

Optional variables:

Variable Accepted Values Description
trunc true or false. Default if value not supplied = true. Truncates the quote text to first 150 characters plus "...". This is the standard appearance for grabbs on grabbdit.
style news or quote. Default if value not supplied = quote. Sets the display style of the embedded grabb.

Example quote-style embedded grabb

Example news-style embedded grabb

Embedding a grabb allows you to reference your source and ensure that the source will not be lost if the original page is taken down or altered, an invaluable tool if you are referencing external material whose lifecycle you cannot control.

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grabbdit is Social from the ground up - designed to be linked to your other Social Media accounts, designed to let you share with your network what you've read and what you thought about it.

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